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Come to the Table

Our strategy is to come alongside the client to encourage them to be hands-on in their marketing, making it affordable while maintaining quality control. On any given day, you will find the POPE MARKETING & EVENTS family rolling up their sleeves to build up, in the words of Roger Holland, ‘the very place where [they] live, work, play, and worship.

Megan Pope
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Turning a Vision into Reality

Whatever the event, Glenda Pope brings professional panache to any party or event.  Most importantly, Glenda believes that God has called her to help build and strengthen community wherever He leads her.  What better way to do so than through love and laughter as we “come to the table.”

Glenda Pope
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The Pope Advantage

Tables bring us together.  At them, we share not only food and conversation but warmth and comfort, dreams and ideas, laughter and excitement.  The fare need not be elaborate but need only to feed our souls and our futures. With each bite, we settle into a place where we can be ourselves.  And that business you have poured yourself into? We’ll gather ‘round and help you market it like a well-set table. That meeting or conference to nurture your plans?  We’ll set the atmosphere and add the special touches. That wedding or event you’ve longed to share with family and friends? We’ll help you celebrate. Come to the table.

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